Take a deep breath. Relax.

A momentary mental vacation is only a thought away . . .

Enough of This . . . It’s Island Time

Ever feel like this? Yeah, me too. No matter what your particular “this” is, sometimes you’ve just got to take a break. Relax. Chill. Forget about the world for a while. We’re all busy, on the run, stressed. That’s part of life. But it’s not the whole story. There’s a... read more

Our Worry Waves

Okay, here we go again. You’d think after spending so much time on the island that some of the things that Makena and the others say would sink in. But yesterday I found myself drifting in turbulent waves of worry. Do you ever do the same thing? I think the problem is... read more

Let the (island) Music Transport You

It may be cold and gray outside, but that’s no reason not to go to the beach. Are you ready for a momentary mental vacation? Me too. I know that music can help transport us, so I dug into the archives and came up with a few tunes from the island playlist.  Try a few... read more

Plan To Be Flexible Like a Palm Tree

Like many people, I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about goals for the new year. Goals are good. They can point to a roadmap of how to get from here to there. They help us form a plan. And that’s where the problems start. Like goals, plans are good. Mostly. But... read more

Here’s To A Great Year!

Here on the island, we’re taking a little time out to celebrate with family and friends, but we want to say a few words of thanks to you, the island tribe. Thank you for a great 2010! We’ve connected with a lot of very cool people over the past year and we... read more

Feel the Connection

I was rummaging around in a closet the other day and came across an old globe. I used to love looking at this mini-earth and imagine myself traveling to exotic places. I remember tracing a line with my finger across wide-open expanses of blue, mind-sailing to distant... read more

7 Ways To Get More Joy From Your Toys

  Rudy the island dog has a daily ritual that fills him with immense joy. After he eats his breakfast, he stands by his toy box eagerly awaiting his first toy of the day. As soon as he gets it, he races full speed to the other end of house. He chews on it a bit,... read more

Share the Light

So here we are in the middle of another holiday season. The airports are busy, the malls are packed and the credit cards are approaching their limits. It’s celebration time! Here on the island the festivities have been in full swing for the past few weeks. Good times... read more

3 Ways We Sabotage Our Inner Tranquility

It’s a beautiful day on the island. The sun is shining. The sea birds are singing a melodious tune. The fresh, sweet aroma of the ocean is drifting in the air. It’s easy to feel tranquil here. And who doesn’t love tranquility? Who doesn’t crave that feel good... read more

A Holiday Blessing (worth repeating!)

(Renee first posted this last Thanksgiving, but the ideas are timeless. We’re very busy preparing a gigantic island feast and looking forward to friends and family paddling in from distant lands. We hope you have a very happy and tranquil Thanksgiving!) May you... read more

Who Are You Listening To?

A few days ago, I posted “Who are you listening to?” in a Tweet. At the time, I was interested in what tunes might be playing in the ears of some of my online friends. But as I thought a little more about that question, a deeper implication began to emerge – and it... read more

How To Tickle Your Senses To Tame Your Stress Monster

Life certainly has its ups and downs. Some days it seems the harder I try NOT to get stressed out, the more stressed I get! I’m especially vulnerable when I’m tired, whether mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. That’s when my inner stress monster rears... read more

Let Thoughts Slip Through Your Fingers

Ever feel like you just have too many things to get done? And each task seems really important, vitally necessarily, a top priority? I can relate. That’s how I’ve felt recently. I’m working on a new project. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to get it rolling, but... read more

12 Things You Can Do To Beat The Blahs

Sometimes the blahs can sneak right up on us. For instance, ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed? It’s so warm and cozy under the covers. Or maybe it’s mid-afternoon and you really don’t feel like working. It’s not that you’re... read more

Let Your Creative Volcano Blow

Are you creative enough? I’m not referring to any kind of artistic ability here. I mean do you take the time to use your natural creativity? If not, your churning, bubbling inner volcano probably has you feeling a bit frustrated. The answer is easy. Let your creative... read more

Finding Balance in the Darkness

Finding balance isn’t always easy. Especially while standing on one foot and leaning waaaay forward with your arms stretched out in front. And I’ve recently learned it’s even harder in the dark. I’ve discovered something else too. This applies in both yoga and life.... read more

22 Ways To Jumpstart Your Joy

Do you have joy? No one can be happy all the time, not even those of us who live with An Island Perspective. It’s normal to feel worry, anger and other distressing emotions when we encounter difficult or unpleasant life experiences. And we often have a tendency to... read more

Remember the Hammock & Cut Yourself Some Slack

A few days ago I was thinking about a particular situation in my life. Specifically, how it wasn’t progressing as quickly as I wanted. My thoughts grew into an internal story that included some what ifs, yeah buts, and a whole bunch of shoulds. Pretty soon I had... read more

5 Tiny Hops To Taking a Giant Leap

Sometimes we have big decisions and choices to make. Oh, the pressure! I wrestled with one myself recently. I was hesitant to take a leap of faith and just go with my gut. What if I was wrong or made a horrible mistake? I wore myself out just thinking about it. Taking... read more

Sometimes We Can’t See the Ocean for the Waves

I know, you’ve heard something like this before – usually about forests and trees. But this is the unique way the people of the island think of this idea. And it’s something they try to remember when they forget to put things in perspective. Believe me, I know how... read more

How To Practice Creative Silence

I had a unique and rare experience recently. Steve had a “guy’s weekend”, so I was all alone in a quiet house. Well, at least I was the only human – no offense to Rudy, the island dog! I wasn’t used to the silence and at first it seemed a little strange. Then it hit... read more