My hero

I’m feeling a little extra appreciation for my life this week.

We all know there will be a natural ebb and flow of high tides and low tides in life, from gentle breezes to, at times, devastating hurricanes. Even so, sometimes a particular gale can feel like an unexpected wallop up side the head. No one escapes pain of some sort along the way.

I lost someone very dear to me a few weeks ago. While it wasn’t totally unexpected, coming after a long illness, it still hit me by surprise how very sad and emotional I have been in dealing with my loss. Grief can be powerful.

As painful as situations like this can be, periods of adversity can be great opportunities for introspection and personal growth. (This is what I try to keep reminding myself!)

These perspective moments are gentle reminders of how precious our lives really are, opportunities to ask ourselves, “What can I learn from this?”

So how do we cope when life hands us lemons?

A recent study identified gratitude as one of the keys. People who tend to be the happiest are also the most grateful . . . no matter what their situation.

Two other major elements for creating happiness were:  (1) meaningful relationships and (2) the ability to live in the moment.

The good news is that we can all improve our happiness skills.

I’m starting today by being eternally grateful for a lifetime of wonderful and dear memories I have of a person who had a monumental influence on my life.

Thanks Dad!