The day we brought our little Boston Terrier home from the shelter, we were so excited we didn’t stop to notice our little pup had some obvious issues.

With my storybook notion of dog ownership quickly dashed, reality set in. In spite of his innate ability to cause a kerfluffle (my newest favorite word!), I’ve grown to love Rudy.

In fact, over the years he has become one of my best teachers. Here are some valuable lessons I’ve learned so far:

Never, ever, ever give up. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never caught a bunny. If one runs out from under the deck, just try again.

Relax as needed. There’s no such thing as too many naps.

Live only in the moment. Forget that you just chewed up a pillow, tracked in mud, etc. etc. Ruminating on past mistakes only causes pain and suffering. All that really matters is right now.

Restore your power in the sunlight. Any patch of sunlight is a great place to sprawl on the floor and just be. Restore yourself regularly so you have instant energy to charge after the next bunny.

Something tells me I have a lot more lessons to learn from Rudy.

Tell me about the teachers in your life!