Steve and I made the trip to Kansas to visit my mom for Mother’s Day.

She’s now living in a skilled nursing facility after a bad fall in February. Mom’s had a tough time adjusting to life in a nursing home. It’s been a challenge for my whole family as we realize she can no longer care for herself. 

Maybe some of you are dealing with aging parents as well. It’s not easy, is it? It breaks my heart to see mom suffer. But it was great to spend some quality time with her. After the initial difficulty adjusting to her new living arrangements, I was happy to see she is now finding acceptance and peace with her circumstances.   

While there, I noticed something very interesting. As each worker would visit her room throughout my visit, mom would tell me which ones she really liked and why. She was so excited about introducing me to each of her “friends” – those with a special connection to her.

I found it fascinating to watch the interaction she had with each worker. Everyone, from the laundry lady to the administrator, seemed to pass through at some point. Eventually I could easily tell which ones she liked even before she told me.

How? I could sense a subtle warm glow radiating from each of the ones she said she liked. They would smile and take her hand, ever so gently, and explain what they needed or what they were going to do. Mom’s face would light up from their attention and caring manner. It was amazing!

The people without that glow seemed miserable in their jobs. To them, mom was just another patient to deal with, another chore to cross off their list of things to do. So sad! Luckily, there were only a couple of these.

What a rewarding experience the whole visit turned out to be. To witness firsthand that powerful glow of compassionate energy . . . it was something I won’t soon forget!