For most of us, when we think about prosperity, we think “money” and the things that money can buy – like snazzy clothes, a beautiful home, flashy car.

The dictionary defines prosperity as “a successful, flourishing or thriving condition.” Sounds like something we all want, right?

At work, the focus is usually on the bottom line too. You probably have on-going meetings about cutting costs, generating revenue, making a profit – basically, about making more money. 

While I know better, I periodically find myself fretting about money and whether I have (or ever will have) enough. I know I would be better off focusing instead on all the other blessings I have. Priceless treasures like joy, love, family, and health.

How can we get away from dwelling on, ruminating about, and giving money so much control and power over our lives? How can we quiet those clamoring “not enough money” thoughts that just won’t leave us alone? After all, we do need money to pay our bills and live the way we want to live.

It’s all about continually putting life back in perspective and taking control over those destructive thoughts – about money or anything else. This takes constant, on-going practice!

I try to regularly remind myself of the the importance of living with An Island Perspective. This practice is simple, but that doesn’t make it easy! 

An Island Perspective helps me to re-focus my energy and thoughts in a more productive and positive way. I’m better able to identify and understand the things that really matter, the things that help me to thrive and flourish.

I’m finding that this practice helps to enhance not only my life, but tends to radiate outwards too, positively impacting the lives of everyone around me! 

We need each other’s support to stay the course on this journey. So, come on . . . join me as we continue the challenge of living an exhilarated life.

As a matter of fact, I could use a little practice right now. Let’s start with a relaxing walk on the beach. Think about a beautiful tropical island . . . Feel that soft, warm sand between your toes . . .