Ever notice how most people claim to want your feedback? 

Yes, we may say we really want to know how we did on the new project or whether these jeans make my butt look big or if these brownies I baked are the best you ever tasted . . . 

But don’t be so sure.

What we really want to hear is:

“What a phenomenal job you did on this project!”
“Wow, you look great in those jeans. Have you lost weight?”
“These brownies are phenomenal! You should open a bakery!”

I remember a few years ago when our management team was told to read a little booklet called “Feedback is a Gift.” Following the suggestions in the booklet, we were encouraged to re-frame any constructive criticism that we would give to our staff in such a way as to show them how the information we were imparting was really a gift to them . . . something to be thankful for and celebrated.

The results of this well-intended approach were met with less than stellar reviews from our staff! Many employees did not want our “gifts.” In fact, they went so far as to deny the gifts even existed. 

According to a successful sales trainer, 80% of feedback is perceived as negative. Let’s face it. When employees hear the word feedback, what they really hear is criticism or I did something wrong. If they’re really having a bad day, they may take it so far as to think, I’m a loser.

The gift they really want is recognition, appreciation for their unique contribution to the workplace. More than money, more than title, more than anything else, employees want to feel valued and appreciated.

Want to exhilarate your staff? Give them the gift that keeps on giving – consistent and frequent praise and recognition!