You frequently hear me talk about how I’m trying to live with An Island Perspective.

If you haven’t attended one of our workshops, maybe you’re curious about what that really means. Basically, it’s relating parts of the island to various aspects of life. While we go into much more depth and detail in the workshops, here is a little taste of the five principles:

1st Principle – Wind

Accept what is. In other words, things happen. We can’t always control certain events or people or life in general. Stubbornly refusing to accept the things that you have no control over inevitably leads to your own unhappiness. Why prolong your suffering? You have a choice. Learn to accept it, change it, or leave it.

2nd Principle – Sand

You have the power to manage your thoughts. We constantly have thoughts running though our minds, like a TV that never gets turned off. Most of the time, believe it or not, our thoughts are negative. It’s easy to assume our thoughts or “stories” are true and accurate, but that’s usually not the case. Our thoughts are based on our personal filters and limited viewpoints. Choose to observe your thoughts for what they are and then manage them in a positive and productive way.

3rd Principle – Palm

Appreciate and nurture yourself. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and admired what a beautiful, miraculous machine you are? Never, right? We compare ourselves to super models and always seem to fall short. By accepting ourselves as perfect just the way we are, no matter what size or shape, something magical happens. We become stronger and more confident. We even develop an innate desire to take better care of ourselves.

4th Principal – Ocean

Get to know the real you. Who are you? You are not just that physical body, that outer shell. The inner you is a beautiful, ageless and amazing person who has a meaningful purpose in this life, a reason for being here. Spend some time getting to know and love yourself. Meditate, reflect, study. Make it your lifelong journey to discover your true essence, your deepest hopes and dreams.

5th Principle – Light

Share your light. It feels good to help people, doesn’t it? Every time you do something kind for someone else, no matter how small the act, you are passing your inner glow on to them, radiating hope and healing. You are making the world a better and more joyful place.

Trying to apply the island principles isn’t always easy. Sometimes I just want to be in a crabby mood or complain about my lot in life. But ultimately, I always come back to the same conclusion:

The best way to achieve personal exhilaration is through trying to live with An Island Perspective.