Steve and I were relaxing on our deck one evening when we noticed a little bird proudly standing on a small pile of dirt that was created by one of our pesky backyard moles. We both laughed watching him cock his head around as he stood on that little bump like he was king of the world.

It made me think of how a tiny ant crawling around on that same molehill might feel. To the ant, the molehill really was a mountain.

How many mountains do we face every day that, when put in perspective, are actually much smaller than we originally thought? We make mountains out of molehills all the time, don’t we? I know I do.

Even at work, we hear one person’s version of a situation and instantly react based on our limited information. We can easily turn a non-event into a major catastrophe.

In our workshops, we talk about how our many thoughts and emotions are constantly shifting – like grains of sand on the beach. As the ocean and wind affect the sand, life events can greatly impact our thoughts, emotions, moods and perceptions.

Mindfully choosing to arrange your beach (or thoughts) in a positive way will help keep your molehills from growing into mountains.

This is not easy to do and none of us will ever keep all of our molehills under control. But what we can do is practice this skill, one situation at a time.

This is what trying to live with An Island Perspective is all about!