Steve and I have carefully and strategically laid the foundation for our company to meet our personal needs for fulfillment, freedom, financial security and fun!

We’ve painstakingly devised the most productive way to work together (without killing each other!), capitalizing on each other’s strengths and minimizing our weaknesses.

We’ve diligently and meticulously created an awesome workshop called An Island Perspective. It’s something we believe has the potential to change people’s lives.

Now what?

In a meeting recently, where I was expressing frustration with the slow process, someone mentioned that it sounded like we needed to create some “buzz.”

Hmmmm . . . buzz . . .

It took me a couple of days to figure out why that term resonated with me and I think I’ve finally put my finger on it . . .

Creating buzz reminds me of getting exhilarated!

Maybe you need some buzz too.

Maybe you’re feeling a little stuck right now. Creating a little buzz (or, amping up your exhilaration) is something we all probably need to do on a regular basis. Think of it as the proverbial kick in the seat of the pants.

Here are some signs that you need to create your own buzz:

  1. Boredom – Do you feel like you’re in a rut? The same old, same old can be quite comforting, but maybe a little boring. It might be time to step out of your convenient routine and jazz things up a bit. Think of a fun adventure to do right now. Maybe something you’ve always wanted to try, but keep putting off. Jump in! What have you got to lose?
  2. Lack of passion – Have you lost that spark, that excitement for what you’re doing? Just going through the motions without much purpose and enthusiasm isn’t very fulfilling or rewarding. Maybe you’re so busy giving to everyone else that you’re not taking time for yourself. Do something nice just for you. Pamper yourself with one of your guilty pleasures and renew your spirit.
  3. Apathy – Do you struggle trying to drag yourself out of bed every morning? Your body may be sending you a signal that you need a change. Maybe your goals are a little dusty or they just don’t motivate you anymore. Sit down and ponder where you are in your life. Maybe it’s time to set some new aspirations, ones that will get you excited and bring you joy.
  4. Cynicism – Do you find your mind full of negative thoughts? Lack of optimism can really put a damper on our happiness and peace. Bitterness toward yourself (regret) or others (unforgiving) can even lead to depression. Practice examining and managing your thoughts. You really do have control over them.

Sometimes we make life harder than it is. Are you making the most out of what’s right in front of you?

Life is too short to live without some buzz in it. Use your creative imagination to spice things up and propel yourself into the kind of life you want to live.

You have the power to create your own buzz.

You have the power to create an exhilarated life!