I LOVE plants!

My house is full of them. It was the most affordable way to decorate when we first moved into our home years ago.

We just headed down to the local home improvement store and loaded up our trunk. We had one room with no furniture, just several beautiful plants. We still call it the “plant room” even though we now have a couple of chairs in there.

Indoor plants are actually good for us. So I guess it makes sense that I feel a special connection to them. Plants make you healthier, happier, and more productive. Some studies go so far as to say that plants help reduce stress and mental fatigue.

Plants play an important role in helping create a peaceful, tranquil mood. Having them around just makes me feel . . . better.

Which probably explains my passionate affection for palm trees.

They’re all over our house too. No, not real ones. Our ongoing acquisition of palm trees includes everything from carved replicas, rugs, coasters . . . The list goes on and on.

Nothing says island paradise like palm trees. They look beautiful in pictures or observing them dance and sway in the breathtaking scenery surrounding you on a tropical vacation.

But their meaning goes much deeper than that for me.

Gazing at a palm tree activates my built-in power. Shazzam! I actually feel myself stand taller and with more confidence – like a palm tree.

Every one of us has far more strength than we can imagine. We have tremendous reservoirs of a mighty force within us that we can call into action whenever it’s needed.

We explain in our workshop how palm trees symbolize this type of strength and resilience. Think about how palm trees respond to a storm. Their pliable trunks and strong, deep roots help them to weather hurricane-force winds.

Resilience during tough times is about being flexible like a palm tree rather than unbending like an oak. Accepting rather than breaking.

People who flex and bend with life’s twists and challenges are healthier and less stressed than those who stand relentlessly steadfast and unwavering – what my mother would call “being hard-headed.”

Hardiness and resilience, the ability to stand up to adversity and bounce back from defeats, is a lesson we can learn from palm trees.

Like a palm tree grows stronger, we can too. It just takes practice.

Know that you have the strength necessary to face any misfortune. Get on with your life without looking back.

The next time you look at a palm tree, feel your inner power.

You can thrive, even in tough times. Stand strong yet flexible. Be resilient. Believe in yourself.