Okay, I admit it. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. All those fancy ads telling me I needed more, more, more.

I don’t consider myself an extravagant person. But sometimes I struggle with the whole concept of knowing when enough is enough. If a little bit is good, isn’t more even better?

I visited my dermatologist when I couldn’t seem to clear up the red, flaky skin around my eyes. I was told to bring in every lotion or cream I was currently using in my skin care regimen.

I’m embarrassed to admit how many little bottles and tubes I crammed into a baggie. The doctor seemed amazed by my supply of anti-aging potions. Her diagnosis: I was using too many products.

She recommended I quit using all of them. Yes, ALL of them. She shook her head and told me not to believe all the marketing hype out there. I really only needed one simple cream.

What a wake up call that was for me! My fear of not using enough caused me to use too much. I had been seduced into believing I needed more.

I thought about other areas where I might be falling into the same trap. It wasn’t too difficult to come up with a couple relatively quickly:

  • A closet full of shoes. Okay, probably too much.
  • Hair care products–shampoos, conditioners, gels, you name it. Once again, too much.

As humans, we seem to be hard-wired to always want MORE. While getting something we want satisfies us momentarily, we soon start thinking about how we can get to the next level–get even more!

The key is finding the sweet spot, that happy medium where enough is enough. We want to get to a place where we can be satisfied with an adequate amount of whatever it is we’re seeking. Not more, not less, but just the right amount.

It seems like most things fits into one of three categories:

  • not enough
  • Just Right (= Happy!)

When we feel out of balance in our lives, what we’re really looking for is that just right zone of satisfaction and completeness. We want that warm, fuzzy feeling that everything is right with our world.

Goldilocks had this all figured out. She knew immediately when something was too big, too little, and ultimately just right.

Like Goldilocks, we all have a natural built-in compass, a knowing of our ideal just right setting. We just need to pay attention to it.

Here’s a simple, 3-step centering exercise you can do to access and recharge your internal knowing. Practice this when you feel like you’ve lost perspective or you’re feeling out of balance:

Step 1. Sit comfortably in a quiet, peaceful place.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself sitting in the sand on a beautiful tropical beach. The ocean waves are slowly rolling in and out. The palm trees are swaying in the gentle breeze. The sun feels nice and warm on your skin.

Step 2. Take three slow breaths, exhaling deeply each time.

Let your thoughts flow through your mind naturally, as if they are floating on the wind. Gently question or contradict any passing thoughts that are causing you suffering. Tune in to any feelings of lack or the opposite, feelings of being burdened with too much. Remind yourself that you control and manage these thoughts, not the other way around. Then slowly let them go. Watch them blow away and dissolve into the island air.

Step 3. Relax and slowly release those stressful, out of sync feelings.

Acknowledge your doubts and fears of not enough or too much. Realize that you are strong and confident. You are able to make any necessary adjustments to re-align your goals and your life. You feel tranquil. At peace. You know that you have the power to make everything just right. You appreciate life and feel complete.

We all have the ability to find a state of equilibrium whenever we start feeling out of balance. It just takes practice. Be gentle with yourself. There’s no right or wrong. Don’t try to be perfect. Just practice feeling better.

We want our journey to Palm Canyon to be authentic and resilient, to be simple and less complicated.

Balanced Life = Less Stress + More Bliss.

The next time you find yourself craving more or feeling overwhelmed with too much, take time out for a few mindful moments of reflection to put things back in perspective.

Visit that peaceful, tranquil place inside of you where everything is always enough and . . . well . . . JUST RIGHT!