May you wake up each morning feeling refreshed and renewed, totally inspired and invigorated by the new day’s light, knowing that wonderful things are about to happen.

May you be as nurturing and gentle with yourself as you are with others.

May you share your pure inner joy and peace all around you, radiating hope and light to everyone you meet.

May you breathe in and fully celebrate each precious moment of your life while it’s happening, knowing that the present is all we really have.

May laughter permeate your heart, mind, and spirit.

May you care less about your outward appearance and acquiring more possessions, but more about the beauty and richness inside of you.

May you love truly, deeply and completely with all your heart and soul.

May you give generously and receive joyously, gracefully, gratefully.

May you feel alive and free to be authentic and true to who you really are.

May you be strong and resilient and know from the bottom of your heart that you have within you all that you need to create the life you dream and desire.

May you find deep fulfillment and genuine happiness day after day after day, fully experiencing and celebrating your life with passion and exhilaration!