We can all learn from each other

Aren’t we lucky? No matter how old or wise we think we are, we can always learn something new.

My daughter had to travel out of town for business recently. Being a single mom, her only dilemma was what to do with her 12-year-old son. Of course, my husband and I volunteered to fill in.

It’s been a while since my three kids were that age. I had forgotten how many valuable lessons they taught me. Kids really are the best teachers and mentors. They remind us of the things we’ve forgotten as we’ve made our bumpy transition into adulthood.

What can we learn, or should I say re-learn from kids? Here are 6 amazing and effective habits I learned from a week with my grandson:

  1. Stop eating when you’re full. I was raised as a member of the clean plate club. You know, all of those starving kids in the rest of the world. Well, guess what? You can quit eating when you’re full and not feel guilty. Eat slowly and enjoy.
  2. Take time to play with the dog. Yes, there’s homework to do, a table to set, and any number of chores. But taking a few minutes to play with the dog first helps to unwind from a day’s worth of stress. The world won’t come to an end if you don’t tackle your chores immediately.
  3. Don’t waste words. It’s okay to be quiet. There’s no point in meaningless chatter. Or “talking just to hear your head rattle” as my dad used to say. It’s WAY better to listen more than you talk.
  4. Completely love whatever you’re doing right this minute. Focus fully on the task at hand. Go ahead and express your jubilation . . . or frustration. You can be intensely curious and passionate about a lot of things, but not everything at once.
  5. Don’t worry about making your bed. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff. If it feels good to make your bed, then by all means do. If not, let it go. Do the things that matter.
  6. Get excited about the little things in life. Breakfast for dinner, a new CD, Sour Patch candy, fully experience the joy of simple pleasures that put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. See the good things in life. Notice and value everything around you. Everything is fascinating and glorious.

Unknowingly (or maybe he knows!), my grandson is developing a mindset and lifestyle of An Island Perspective. Like the islanders, he seems to have discovered the secret to an enhanced sense of well-being and personal exhilaration.

Maybe being more like kids would make us all better people. They tend to live with unmitigated joy, boundless enthusiasm and a sense of wonder. Sounds like exhilaration to me!

Want to enhance and exhilarate your life? Tap into the gentle and creative wisdom of the closest kid you know. And make sure to take notes!

What lessons have you learned from kids?

Looking forward to your comments!