Goals for a new year . . .

There’s something about the new year that inspires most of us to get excited about an opportunity to start fresh. To make concrete plans and optimistic intentions for improvement.

I’m a planner. I love to make “to do” lists. So setting goals for exhilarating my life are right down my alley.

The history of making New Year’s resolutions spans more than two millennia. Janus, the mythical Roman King (from whom we get the name of our first calendar month) was a two-faced symbol. Not because he was a hypocrite, but because he had the unique ability to look back on the past as well as forward to the future. Making New Year’s resolutions helps us close the door on the past year and look ahead to a future of peace and prosperity.

But I prefer to take a slightly different approach than simply making the standard list of what I hope to accomplish. I like taking An Island Perspective.

Here are the four key aspects of my “island” method:

  1. Think.  Reflect, ponder and meditate. Ask yourself:  What changes do I want to make? Or need to make? What’s working for me? Or not working for me? Learn what really matters to you. An inflow of new thoughts and ideas can come to you regardless of any difficulties you may be facing right now.
  2. Don’t think.  Take time to just be. The natural impulse of our mind is to jump around, flitting from one thought to another. Practice focusing 100% on whatever you’re doing at the moment. Don’t try to force ideas or thoughts. Let them come to you naturally and spontaneously.
  3. Do something.  Move. Dance. Have fun. Stimulate some new energy and vigor. Take some sort of action, no matter how small or mundane, and fully lose yourself in it. For me, doing yoga and even cleaning the house helps to clear my mind so new ideas can percolate.
  4. Do nothingS-l-o-w down. Mend, rest and restore. Focus inward. Rejuvenate yourself with regular quiet time breaks throughout the day to help you develop mental focus and flexibility. You don’t need to totally empty your mind or have perfect attention. Just breathe slowly and deeply. Quiet your mind and inspiration will flow.

On the island of Alumanaya, this is a celebratory time of year. The islanders spend time reflecting on the five island principles and what they mean. This helps them put their lives back in perspective. Then they refresh and renew their minds and spirits with special ceremonies and parties. They have fun!

The beauty of taking An Island Perspective is you can do it anytime. You don’t have to wait for a special time of the year. You simply live it day in and day out.

You can reflect, refresh and restore yourself anytime, anywhere. So throw that old standard resolution list out the window. For joy and tranquility, practice living with An Island Perspective every day of the year.

Open yourself up to new opportunities and surprises in life. Your personal exhilaration will soar!

What is your approach to embracing the new year?