We can learn from everything

I spent last Saturday hanging out at a middle school volleyball tournament. I have to admit I wasn’t super excited about camping out for the day in a cold, noisy gym.

Sitting on those hard bleachers amid the cheers and din of the crowd, I decided to relax and accept my fate. No amount of whining was going to change it anyway.

I had plenty of time to think while sitting there between games. Lo and behold, I discovered some unexpected lessons:

  • Sometimes you fall down. Falling on your knees hurts so it’s a good idea to wear knee pads.
  • At times things get a little crazy. You never know which way the ball is coming from. So it’s important to stay alert and focused.
  • Try to keep the ball in the air. Work hard. Play hard. But most of all, have fun.
  • There are times when things won’t seem fair. The other team is a lot bigger. Your ball goes out of bounds. You trip on your shoelace and everyone laughs.
  • To be good takes a lot of practice. Dedication and perseverance usually makes for a more positive outcome.
  • Play nice. Be a good sport and play fair. What goes around will eventually come back around to you.
  • Share the light with everyone. You achieve much more by working together as a team.
  • Keep your eye on the ball. Stay in the moment or you might get hit in the head.
  • You don’t always have to hit the ball perfectly. Just get it over the net.
  • Eat healthy snacks. If you want stamina and resilience, you need the good stuff.
  • No reason getting all bummed out when you lose. Let it go. Just get ready for the next game and celebrate any milestones.
  • Enthusiasm is everything. The right attitude goes a long way toward enjoyment of the game.
  • There are no winners or losers. Some just have more points.
  • Tomorrow you can begin anew. At the end of the day, just take off your shoes and relax.

As we travel on our Journey to Palm Canyon, the winds of life will blow a lot of different situations and experiences our way. Many will not be of our choosing. But once we accept what we can’t control, amazing and magical things will start happening.

There are useful pieces of practical wisdom everywhere.

Let’s try to embrace new experiences with an open mind. Doing something different can really open up our eyes to new perspectives. Life lessons can be found everywhere – on a beautiful beach . . . or in a musty old gym.

What lessons have you learned in an unexpected place?