Find time for quite stillness

When was the last time you enjoyed some quiet stillness – doing absolutely NOTHING?

I can remember as a child trying to sit perfectly still in church. It was SO hard. While the service droned on (Sorry, pastor, I was just a kid!), I imagined how fun it would be to run free around the pews. I didn’t have a clue how to savor the stillness.

As a busy mother of 3, I was convinced I had to multi-task 24/7 to get everything done. I had to be productive and efficient. In my mind, doing nothing meant being lazy. I was still clueless on the value of just being still.

Now that all my kids are grown, life’s hard knocks have made me a little wiser. I can appreciate how random moments of stillness have the power to energize me like a breath of fresh air.

Sprinkling regular periods of quiet stillness into your life is imperative for the optimum health of your body, mind and soul. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Opens up your natural creativity.
  • Helps you remember all the positives in your life.
  • Improves your problem solving abilities.
  • Reduces stress and negativity.
  • Enables you to gain fresh perspectives.
  • Helps you connect with your authentic, inner self.
  • Expands the love in your life.

The gift of stillness that you give to yourself will just plain help you feel better . . . and be better.

Still not convinced? Here are some telltale signs and symptoms that your true self, your heart and soul, might be craving some quiet stillness right now:

  1. Tension. You have unexplained aches, pains or general uptight feelings throbbing in your neck, head, or anywhere else. Your body is telling you that it’s working overtime to combat stress.
  2. Worry. You can’t quit thinking and ruminating on a problem or situation. What if and if only thoughts keep circling through your mind, over and over and over.
  3. Agitation. You feel an underlying irritability and anger. You’re on the verge of flying off the handle or exploding at anyone or anything that pushes your hot buttons.
  4. Fear. You have this vague sense of impending doom. Nervous and anxious, you have this uneasy feeling that something awful is going to happen.
  5. Apathy. Nothing gets you jazzed up anymore. You’ve lost your spark and passion, your zest for life. You’re bored and stuck in a rut. You just don’t care.

So how can you start to incorporate some quiet stillness into your life? Just like any lifestyle change, take tiny steps at first. Try easing into a regular practice with these tips:

  • Keep it simple. Don’t pressure yourself that you have to be still any “certain” way.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed for just a couple of minutes. Savor the pure joy of fully being in the moment.
  • Even sitting at your desk, you can take a quick break and close your eyes for a bit. Take several slow, deep breaths.
  • To quiet your mind, mentally repeat calming words such as: serenity, tranquility, soothing, peaceful, silence, solitude.
  • Fully relax your body. Just let go.
  • Commit to daily practice sessions of short stillness breaks.
  • Be patient with yourself and the process.

Let inaction become your most powerful action. Discover the peace and tranquility found in a regular practice of quiet stillness. It can transform your day . . . and your life.

How do you incorporate stillness breaks into your life?


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