Take time to chill out

When was the last time you really chilled out? You know, totally kicked back and relaxed. A lot of people think because I work at home I don’t have any of the usual work stress. Fact is, I tend to put more pressure on myself than any employer I ever had.

Simply put, I need to chill out more. And I bet you do too!

But if you’re like me, you’re a bit clumsy with this concept. Oh, I can talk a good game, but I struggle with actually practicing the art of the chill on a consistent basis.

Why? Because I feel guilty just thinking about doing nothing. Which is how I translate chilling out. I picture myself as a sch-lump-a-dunk (my term for a lazy sloth!) lounging on the sofa munching on a bag of chips as I flip through the cable channels.

Now there’s nothing wrong with sch-lump-a-dunking once in a while. In fact, totally relaxing from time to time is a good thing. A great thing, actually.

But there’s a part of me that feels bad for chilling out. Like I’m not being productive. And before you know it, I’m stressed because I’m relaxing. I’m thinking about all the things I should be doing instead.

And what causes this anxiety? My THOUGHTS, of course! Yes, it’s all in my head. My negative self talk is destroying my peace and tranquility.

Our health is the most valuable possession we have. We have sole responsibility for managing and protecting our gift of life. And stress (caused from NOT allowing ourselves time to chill out!) is our fiercest opponent in our ongoing effort to maintain optimum health.

It’s imperative that we develop one of life’s greatest skills – the ability to chill out – without feeling guilty or bad about it.

We can start by chilling out our minds:

  1. Think less. Love more.
  2. Analyze less. Dream more.
  3. Complain less. Laugh more.
  4. Resist less. Affirm more.
  5. Judge less. Accept more.
  6. Fear less. Breathe more.
  7. Fret less. Live more.

People who have mastered the ability to chill out live with a more peaceful mindset. They don’t make mountains out of molehills. They remain calm in all sorts of negative situations.

Who doesn’t want to live that way?

Free your mind from the tension and pressure of life. Identify the self talk and attitudes that perpetuate stress in your life.

By starting with your mind, your body will automatically relax more easily too. Consciously choose to chill out more and stress less. You’ll actually be even more productive. And a whole lot happier!

How do you chill out?


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