Your mind will always suggest something to worry about – if you let it

Worry, worry, worry . . .

Sometimes I find myself turning into a worrywart. I start ruminating on the shouldas, couldas, wouldas rather than enjoying what’s going on right now in the moment. Or, maybe I’m playing the good old what if game:

What if it rains on Saturday and spoils our outdoor plans?”

What if this big project I’m working on is a flop?”

Intellectually, I know this type of thinking . . .

  • Is a complete waste of my time and energy.
  • Totally zaps my optimism and positive outlook.
  • Is extremely detrimental to my overall peace and tranquility.

But still, there I go again. Letting my worries sabotage my serenity.

So I posted a little note on my desk to remind me of 5 things I can do INSTEAD of worry. Maybe they can help you too.

1.  Trust
Whatever your Source, releasing your doubts and worries to a Higher Power can give a welcome relief from the stress and strain of life. Let it all go. Be still for a moment and recharge. Boost your hope, positive energy and resilience.

2.  Help
Do something kind and caring for someone else. Encouraging others takes the focus off of ourselves – which is really at the heart of our worry. Serving others is the surest way to get a quick jolt of joy, peace and clarity.

3.  Exercise
Get up and move. Walk, run, jump, hula hoop, it doesn’t matter! Any activity that commands your full attention will help distract you from those endless worry loops. Bonus: Taking care of your body keeps you healthy and strong.

4.  Thank
Appreciate what you have. Sometimes we forget about the good stuff. By concentrating on the blessings in your life, your peace of mind will expand exponentially. Practice gratitude anytime you need to gain perspective and abundance in your life.

5.  Dream
Imagine the most beautiful and serene island you’ve ever seen. Smell the fresh, salty ocean air. Feel the soft white sand squishing between your toes as you stroll along the beach in your tropical paradise. The warm breeze feels so rejuvenating, doesn’t it?

Life is meant to be full of fun and joy, not worry and dread. The sky is not falling! Everything really is going to be okay. You are the master of your life. You can CHOOSE what you think, how to act and react.

Take responsibility for operating in a worry-free zone. And, don’t judge or critique yourself when you do worry. Remember the aim is maintaining a calm mindset. Simply focus on the positive possibilities instead of the negative.

Create within yourself an island of joy and tranquility. Our mind is a mysterious universe waiting to be explored. Imagine the possibilities when we free ourselves from worry and find tropical tranquility.

What do you do instead of worry?


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