Find your authentic self

Imagine the pure joy of baring it all and running with the wind on a deserted island beach. So freeing! That’s how good it feels to uncover your most authentic self, your inner core. That place inside of you where you are balanced, healthy, happy and strong.

Now I’m not advocating that you go out into the world and take your clothes off. But I am urging you to shed the ugly beliefs and attitudes that sabotage living your authentic life. Discover the most glorious adventure of your lifetime – getting to know the real you.

If I close my eyes, I can transport myself back to my childhood. I remember frolicking through a yard filled with dandelions. I was light-hearted and free, merrily picking a bouquet of “flowers” for my mom. I had no cares or worries. I was happy and whole. Life was so simple.

I was connected to my most authentic self. I was powerful, even invincible. I believed I could do anything. Didn’t even question it. I hadn’t yet developed the crippling trio of negativity, doubt and fear.

Then I grew up and things weren’t so simple anymore. Now it’s more of a challenge to recapture that unstoppable spirit that can only be found in my authentic core.

But rather than resort to baring it all (collective sigh of relief), there’s a more acceptable path to regaining our true power. A new mindset can help us unite with the vital, joyful, and authentic part of ourselves.

Living with An Island Perspective includes experiencing a simple, yet deeply meaningful life. Here are some ways to return to your inner core:

Slow down. Why are you in such a hurry? Take time to breathe in the fresh ocean air. Reflect before you act. Listen before you make decisions. Figure out your highest priorities and deepest values, your most centering personal goals and dreams. Then shape your life around them.

Change your mind. Like sand on a beach, there’s a gazillion thoughts constantly running through your head. How do you sift through them all? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused with all those negative internal stories. You don’t have to change everything to live your authentic life – just change your mind.

Listen to your body. It speaks volumes about your physical and emotional needs. It tells you when you’re tired or over-stressed. It knows when things aren’t going so well. Simple things from incessant yawning to body aches to the inability to relax are all signals that something is not quite right.

Streamline your stuff. Are you in a giant race acquiring stuff that you think you REALLY need – things meant to make you happier? No thanks to the amazing finesse and talent of marketers, you are continually bombarded with messages about things you simply can’t live without. But the race never ends – until you decide it’s over. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or filling you with joy.

Take back your power. Rather than be controlled by external circumstances, commitments and responsibilities, decide how you want to spend your time. Be proactive in living your own exhilarating, purposeful and heartfelt life. You have the power to create your own reality.

Be honest with yourself and uncover your own naked truth. Strip away all those layers that disrupt your inner joy and tranquility – your authentic life. This may include certain thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Clarify your true goals and intentions. Put your life in perspective.

Your greatness lies in continually being and becoming who you really are. Reconnect with your true, authentic nature. At your core, underneath all the “clothes,” you will unveil a beautiful heart of love and tranquility. Discover yourself.

What are some techniques you use to uncover your authentic self?


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