Share your light with the world

Do you know people who just light up the room when they enter? Some people seem to glow, instantly igniting others with their enthusiasm and positivity. You can’t help but be drawn to their vitality and electricity, their aura.

We all have the ability to lift people up, to make people feel good about themselves. But maybe you haven’t uncorked your own amazing gift of effervescent light . . . yet.

When I was young, there was a dear friend of the family who seemed to travel through life on a beam of light. Her name was Florence. She was a tiny little thing, not more than 90 pounds, but she glowed like a lighthouse beacon. People gravitated to her because she was easy to be around with her contagious smile and kind, gentle nature.

As I got older, I was shocked to discover what a hard life she had experienced. She was the sole survivor of her family, having lost everyone close to her in some traumatic way. Her only child, a son, was born blind and disabled. He passed away before his 5th birthday.

How did she maintain her positive energy and zest for living? She simply made a decision to fill herself with radiance. Rather than wallow in grief and pain, she chose to help and encourage others – to be an unwavering tower of hope and light.

The idea of filling up with light resonates with my heart. It’s one of the 5 principles of Alumanaya, the mythical island that is the foundation for An Island Perspective. Here’s an excerpt from Steve’s new book that captures the meaning of light:

The islanders relate light to the ultimate power, the source. They believe light is the origin of all life, of all energy, of all that exists. An islander will see light everywhere and in everything.

On the island, it’s easy to see the light in many things – reflecting on the waves, glittering off the grains of sand, slanting through the palm trees.

The islanders have a favorite place to see the light – in people.

Sharing the light – that’s what ultimately defines our existence. But how can we connect to this supreme power?

To make it easy, I’ve broken light down into 5 easy types. You can emanate the one that strikes your fancy at any particular moment.

1. Glow

Key traits: Kind –– Caring –– Joyful
How to practice: Smile ––> Hug ––> Appreciate

2.  Glisten

Key traits: Cooperative –– Friendly –– Attentive
How to practice: Share ––> Encourage ––> Listen

3.  Shine

Key traits: Colorful –– Enthusiastic –– Generous
How to practice: Inspire ––> Motivate ––> Give

4.  Sparkle

Key traits: Light-hearted –– Playful –– Genuine
How to practice: Frolic ––> Engage ––> Respect

5.  Radiate

Key traits: Compassionate –– Accepting –– Tranquil
How to practice: Love ––> Forgive ––> Cherish

Light has been described as a wave because the movement of light is seen as being similar to an ocean wave. You can think of yourself in the same way – a beautiful wave of luminous energy.

The power of you. It’s an amazing thing. Explore how easy it can be to light up the world!

The video Alumanaya Light is below. How do you share your light?


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