Let life flow around and through you

My 82-year-old mother relishes telling embarrassing stories about how hard-headed I could be as a child. One of her favorites is how I would sit at the table for hours refusing to eat her meatloaf. (I’ll spare you her remembrance of my potty training escapades.)

I like to think I’m much more flexible now. Flexibility is an important physical, mental and spiritual quality.

What can flexibility do for your life?

Physically ➙ Improve agility and balance.
Mentally ➙ Increase optimism and happiness.
Spiritually ➙ Intensify wisdom and tranquility.

Everything changes – our bodies, our minds, our moods, people, the world. Things are in a constant state of flux. This can be both exciting and scary, both good and bad. It all depends on your perception – and your flexibility – at any given moment.

Flexible people accept what is. They are easy to be around because they just “go with the flow.” Whenever they sense a change, they mindfully decide to adjust to it with little or no resistance. They exemplify the art of flexibility.

The only way to survive and thrive in life is to embrace the notion that life will not always go as we think it should. It may be the unexpected traffic jam, the loss of a job . . . whatever. Life will CONSTANTLY take us by surprise.

We cannot control every single moment of our existence. Wanting to be in charge of our life is a legitimate desire. But total control over life is impossible. There’s just too many variables involved.

Flexibility is a vital ingredient to living a tranquil and happy life – to living with An Island Perspective.

Here’s a simple flexibility exercise you can practice the next time you feel yourself stubbornly resisting whatever is happening at the moment:

  1. Imagine yourself as an ocean wave – fluid and yielding as you gently ebb and flow in and out over the pristine shoreline.
  2. Effortlessly bend and shape yourself around each jagged rock and each tiny grain of golden sand.
  3. Relax as you calmly and comfortably mold yourself around and through each unexpected obstacle in your path.
  4. Slowly let go of any predetermined outcome. Wherever you flow is okay and good. In this moment, you feel immersed in tranquility.

When I visualize the beautiful island of Alumanaya, I picture a genuine symphony of pure flexibility. The balmy winds sway the resilient, yet yielding palm trees. The ocean tides rise and fall in a varying gravitational dance between the earth, sun and moon. The sunlight meanders across the sky, casting ever-changing sparkles and shadows along its path.

In the face of continual change, the only true reality is what’s going on RIGHT NOW. At any given moment, you have a choice. You can fight, complain and cause suffering for yourself. Or you can accept, adapt, grow stronger and move forward.

Flexibility will enhance your WHOLE life – body, mind and spirit.

Accept the unexpected. Remind yourself that everything in the present moment is just fine. And even if it’s not, then rest assured that it’s going to change soon anyway. So hold on . . . and let go.

Life can certainly be messy, frustrating and downright overwhelming at times. But it’s also full of astonishing gifts and miracles. To find lasting tranquility, learn to master the simple wisdom of flexibility.

How are you trying to be more flexible?


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