Try a little kindness . . .

I love going to places that provide great customer service, don’t you? It makes the whole shopping experience so enjoyable. With simple kindness – a big smile and lovely attitude – you don’t even mind spending your hard-earned money!

There’s a particular grocery store my husband and I actually get excited about visiting. Not just because we like the yummy, healthy foods they sell. But because the people who work there are phenomenal.

Here’s what I look for in top-notch customer service:

  • Are they eager to help?
  • Are the workers friendly and warm?
  • Do they treat customers with courtesy and respect?
  • Are they honest in their advertising and service?
  • Do they show empathy and flexibility with unusual requests?

How is your “people” service? Imagine how your life would be if you asked yourself those same questions every day:

  • Do I help those who need help?
  • Am I friendly and warm?
  • Do I treat others with courtesy and respect?
  • Am I honest in all that I say and do?
  • Do I show empathy and flexibility with unusual requests?

Life just flows more easily when you are kind. You sleep more peacefully. People enjoy being around you. You feel good about yourself and others.

Kindness is an authentic, genuine way of being. The islanders on Alumanaya understand this. They work together with respect and generosity as they carry out their island duties. They share, appreciate, serve and give thanks for each other and their way of life.

Here’s what they’ve discovered:

  • Kindness is comfortable and warm, like a soft sand beach.
  • Kindness makes life meaningful and generates a spirit of friendship.
  • Like sunlight breaking through the clouds, kindness is an uplifting source of pure happiness and joy.
  • Kindness makes people shine and sparkle – like the glistening sunbeams reflecting off the undulating ocean waves.
  • The island winds remind them that while they have little control over what life blows their way, they can always choose to be kind.
  • Kindness builds trust and strong foundations – like the deep, strong, supportive roots of a resilient palm tree.
  • Like a tropical paradise, kindness has the magical ability to heal, connect and restore love, health and happiness.

Each person displays their kindness in his or her own unique way. True kindness can’t be fake or forced. To get the full benefit of leading a compassionate life, kindness must come straight from the heart.

There are infinite ways to be kind. Even the tiniest gestures count. Through acts of kindness, we learn how we’re all connected. What we lovingly do for others, we do for ourselves.

Here are just a few examples of “island” kindness you might try:

  1. Lift someone’s spirits with a warm sunny smile.
  2. Bake an extra loaf of Nona Nut Bread for a lonely neighbor.
  3. Compliment the host on their scrumptious roast pork.
  4. Share a big chunk of your fresh, sweet pineapple.
  5. Forgive your kids for tracking sand into the hut.
  6. Walk carefully so you don’t step on the skittering geckos.
  7. Help your friend pick up palm fronds after the storm.
  8. Give away your extra pair of flip flops.

Foster and nurture your basic human quality of warmth and compassion – how you react to situations and people. When you’re irritable, selfish and crabby, it can hurt and even destroy relationships.

Renew your kind spirit on a regular basis. The practice of kindness is at the root of living a joyful and meaningful life. By focusing on the well-being of others, you’ll discover your own true bliss.

What’s your favorite way to spread some kindness?


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