Practice doing nothing!

It always feels so rejuvenating to let go, relax and just do nothing. Have you tried it lately? In spite of how good it feels doing nothing, we tend to insist on being busy all the time.

Our go-go-go culture along with our ingrained puritan work ethic teaches us to work hard and be productive – get things done. We feel guilty when we do nothing. But when we try to do too much, we feel overwhelmed, rushed and anxious.

Even with all of our modern conveniences, we seem to be busier than ever. Why is that? We work more, yet it seems we get less done. We’re stressed and exhausted. Even worse, we aren’t as happy as we could be.

So what’s the solution? Do nothing more often!

Your time is sacred. So make sure you treat it that way. You can’t give it all away and then wonder where it went. If you really want to accomplish more – yes, be MORE productive – clear your head and do nothing for at least a few minutes every day.

Not sure exactly how to do nothing? Here are some ideas to spark your creative imagination:

  1. Gently roll your head around to relax.
  2. Sit under a palm tree. (or any other kind of tree!)
  3. Stare at nothing.
  4. Ponder your random thoughts.
  5. Meander barefoot through the grass.
  6. Sip on a yummy pineapple concoction.
  7. Notice the birds flitting across the sky.
  8. Contemplate your dreams.
  9. Watch the sun go down.
  10. Observe the flight of a butterfly.
  11. Imagine living on an island.
  12. Soak up the warm sun.
  13. Smell the sweetly scented flowers.
  14. Lazily float in the pool.
  15. Watch a rainbow until it disappears.
  16. Stroll on the beach.
  17. Lay on a blanket in a patch of sunlight.
  18. Look for fun shapes in the drifting clouds.
  19. Listen to the melodious sounds of nature.
  20. Sit in your favorite chair.
  21. Feel the breeze ruffle your hair.
  22. Enjoy a cup of tea.
  23. Gaze at the stars.
  24. Hug yourself.
  25. Whisper a prayer.
  26. Lounge on the couch.
  27. Examine the intricacies of a seashell.
  28. Savor a piece of chocolate.
  29. Close your eyes and connect to your spirit.
  30. Tune into the rhythm of your breathing.

It’s almost addictive to be rushed and busy – to not have time to think and reflect. Too much busyness not only keeps us from being productive, it keeps us from facing and coming to terms with things we’re trying to avoid. Denial of these things won’t make them go away.

Facing up to your sorrows, hopes, fears and dreams can lead to inner peace and happiness. When you create space and do nothing, you have a glorious opportunity to get to know and understand your deepest and best self. Clearing out all the chaos and clutter around you helps you learn who you are inside.

Guard your “do nothing” time like a hawk. Distractions and busyness have a way of slowly creeping right back in.

Get away from the information and activity overload of this world so you can remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’ll gain a fresh perspective as well as some amazing health benefits by giving yourself permission to just do nothing for a while.

Living with An Island Perspective means living mindfully. And that includes relishing the pure and simple joy of quiet stillness. You deserve a life that is more serene and fulfilling. Refresh yourself – do nothing – and accomplish more!


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