Keeping things simple means increasing tranquility

Life can get pretty messy at times. But the simple truth is, we frequently make it harder than it needs to be. Many of the “messes” and complications, the very things that cause our hurt and pain, are created by . . . us!

Life seemed simple when I was growing up on a farm in Kansas. Simple didn’t mean easy, but it did mean finding fun and pleasure in everyday things. While we didn’t have material wealth, we were rich in things that money can’t buy.

Why do we grow up and make life more complicated?

Rather than choosing a life of peace and contentment, we’re continually rushing and striving for more. It’s like we’re trying to win a big race. Our culture dictates that we meet certain goals, acquire more and better stuff. All so we can be “successful.”

We end up working a lot more than we play. Which results in things getting even more crazy. Putting in long hours at work usually means sacrificing other parts of our lives. Far from simple, stress and complexity become our norm.

Maybe it’s time to stop racing around. Ask yourself what the heck you’re really doing with your life. You’re on the go and busy, barely stopping to take a breath. But what are you really accomplishing?

Life really can be pretty simple.

The people living on the island of Alumanaya think of simple living as MINDFUL living. They find inner tranquility by creating time and space to live deeply. They live from the core of their being – where things are naturally more serene and simplified.

Here are 5 ways you can practice some of their techniques for living a simple, yet deeper and more authentic life:

  1. Calm the waters. Take it nice and slow. Anything is doable when you break it down into tiny steps. Try not to overwhelm yourself by looking too far ahead. You don’t need to do everything right now. Slow yourself down and do one thing at a time.
  2. Sift through the sand. Try not to think so much. Our mind likes to run rampant, creating negative stories about every little thing. Be aware of your random thoughts. Manage the mind chatter by sifting out those thoughts that cause you worry and suffering.
  3. Nurture your palm tree. Connect with your heart. Listen to your innermost needs and desires – the simple things that bring you joy. Let some of the more complex, stress inducing activities go. Be fully present and intimately engaged with everything you do.
  4. Harness the winds. Promote balance and harmony. Accept that life isn’t always fair or the way we want it to be. Be gentle with yourself. Be honest, respectful and compassionate with others. Don’t sweat the little things . . . or the big things. Celebrate life as it comes.
  5. Let your light shine. Don’t just live on the surface, barely aware of what’s going on around and inside of you. Live deliberately – awake and alive. Consciously choose to notice and appreciate the beauty all around you. Fully experience one moment at a time.

Beneath all the complexity around us lies a simple path. Get clear about what simple living really means to you. Unburden yourself by living carefree with fewer distractions. Eliminate things that overwhelm and drain you. Reclaim your life and your peace of mind.

Want a tranquil and less complicated life? Learn to keep things simple.

How do you keep things simple?


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