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When was the last time you enjoyed a few tranquil moments of peace and serenity? Usually, our lives keep us on a frenetic pace. It seems like the last thing we have time to do is rest and relax. I know that I sometimes get so busy being busy that I forget what I’m even doing!

That’s when I know I need to slow down.

We’re here on this earth to live joyfully, with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. But even exhilarating, happy experiences can sometimes take a toll and leave us feeling drained and stressed out.

We yearn for just a few tranquil moments – whether we realize it or not.

How can we revitalize ourselves? Oh sure, the good old standbys work in the big picture. Eat healthful, real food. Get outside and soak up some fresh air and sunshine. Commit to regular exercise. Get plenty of sleep every night.

But sometimes we just need a quick little pick-me-up – a mental boost.

So I’m going to let you in on a few little secrets for tranquil health.

Shhhh! Keep still about it. They’re secret because you can do them anytime, anywhere – without anyone even knowing. Here’s 3 ways to bathe yourself in a few tranquil moments:

Secret #1: Empty your mind.

Rid yourself of all thoughts of plans, goals, problems, frustrations – everything. Close your eyes and imagine yourself being transported to a soft, comfy lounge chair located on a tranquil, sunny beach. Listen to the call of the seagulls, the lapping waves. Your bare feet are resting on the velvety sand. Slowly breathe in the fresh, clean scent of salty ocean air. Rest in a tranquil, peaceful state of mind.

Secret #2: Cleanse your thoughts.

Tension can block the flow of health and power. Most of our stress is caused by the way we think about things. Observe your current thoughts and attitude. Flush yourself of any pessimism and gloom. Do a mental mind-shift by replacing any negative thinking with inspiring and hopeful messages. Fill up your mind with tranquil and pleasant thoughts: “I feel peaceful and serene.” “My world is calm and tranquil.”

Secret #3: Forget about yourself.

Focus less on your problems and more on the problems of others. There is curative power in helping people. Do something nice to brighten someone’s day. Contributing to the greater good will fill you with warm tranquil feelings. When you radiate your inner glow, it reflects right back to you as a brilliant light of positive, peaceful energy. Encouraging others will nourish your soul.

Understand the connection between your mind and your body. By mentally savoring a few tranquil moments, you’ll tune in to your best and highest self. Inner calm and tranquility start on the inside. It goes something like this:

Tranquil inside = Tranquil outside = Tranquility spread to others

When we’re tranquil on the inside, the world is a better place – warmer, friendlier, open and inviting. Mountains seem like molehills, easy to scale. We have this compelling urge to sing, laugh, play – to be joyful!

Practice reviving yourself from the inside out as often as possible. Splash yourself with a calming spray of tropical tranquility. Try one of my secrets and savor a few tranquil moments.

“Sometimes we can’t stop life from upsetting even our soul. But remember, the turbulence is only on the surface.”
~Makena (a wise Kamua on the island of Alumanaya)


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