Regular take time to find your balance

Balance brings harmony to our life. And harmony feels good! So we seek a consistent order and arrangement of things in order to reach a sort of equilibrium – a sense of well-being and tranquility. When we’re in balance, we feel calm and serene. Everything just feels . . . well . . . right.

And it’s no wonder balance feels so good. By finding balance, we gain:

  • Steadiness
  • Vitality
  • Inner power
  • Contentment
  • Peace of mind

But even though balance feels luxurious and delightful, we waste a lot of time and energy carelessly knocking ourselves OFF balance.

Silly us!

We get stuck in a “not enough” rut by depriving ourselves of things like sleep, exercise, quiet, healthy food and time with loved ones.

Or we go overboard the other way with too much work, noise, junk food, busyness and spending.

In spite of our deep, heartfelt needs, we end up sabotaging ourselves. Far from an island of bliss, our lack of balance leaves us feeling anxious and unsure of ourselves. And this instability doesn’t feel “right” at all.

But let’s not beat ourselves up for getting out of balance. That only makes us feel worse. We’re only human, after all!

Let’s accept that we’re going to lose our balance from time to time. And that’s okay. We’ll go too far one way or another and need to gently bring ourselves back toward our calm center again.

And there’s good news! It’s easier than you think to regain your balance.


Just take a mindful minute. Fully concentrate and deepen your focus on the present moment, right here right now, for 60 seconds. That’s it!

Here are some mindful minute ideas you can to try:

  • Walk outside and breathe in some fresh air. Slowly. Deeply.
  • Stand on one leg for 30 seconds, and then switch.
  • Repeat positive affirmations: “I am at peace with my world. I am compassionate with myself and where I am right now.”
  • Notice and appreciate the beauty all around you – a leaf, your hand, a shiny red apple, clouds.
  • Sink into a yoga pose – like downward-facing dog.
  • Picture yourself relaxing on a beautiful tropical beach holding a frosty glass of fresh papaya juice.
  • Bend over letting your head hang low as you reach toward your toes.
  • Dance around your house with exuberance and abandon.
  • Give yourself a nice, loving hug.
  • Laugh you head off – hearty and loud.
  • Read some inspirational words.
  • Gaze at the moon and stars.

Tranquility is our natural state of mind. But when we’re thinking stressful thoughts, we lose that peace – and our balance. Give yourself some space to question those thoughts. By shifting your perception, you shift your world.

Clearing your mind for a mindful minute (or more!) helps you stop and put things in perspective. The islanders on Alumanaya find balance by living in harmony with the way things are. You can do the same!

Find your balance and inner calm – in 60 seconds or less – by taking a mindful minute.

How do you find balance when dealing with your daily stresses?


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