Sometimes a lesson is hard – like learning to breathe underwater!

I feel blessed. I’ve had a relatively comfortable life so far. Not too rich, not too poor, always just enough of what I really needed. No hardships or obstacles that I haven’t been able to overcome . . . eventually. And sometimes, in spite of myself.

You see, life lessons do not always come easy for me. I can have a hard head (some might call it a stubborn streak) at times. When I think I know something is right and firmly believe in it, it can be very hard to change.

But as it turns out, this bit of willful behavior can be sort of a gift. Valuable lessons and personal growth come from these  learning opportunities because they present themselves again and again . . . until you finally get it.

Here are 3 lessons that have been lightbulb moments for me:

Lesson #1
What I want may not be what I need.

Wanting things to be different than they are only leads to stress, frustration and unhappiness. No matter how much I may want things to be a certain way, whatever happens is the way it’s SUPPOSED to be. And things really do seem to turn out for the best in the long run.

Bottom line: Acceptance is central to finding inner peace and tranquility. Accepting, rather than resisting, makes life easier.

Lesson #2
Be still and you’ll get to know your real power

My husband lovingly accuses me of having a touch of attention deficit disorder. I have a hard time sitting still – let alone in complete silence. But moments of quiet stillness have helped me to connect with my authentic self, to appreciate and nurture myself.

Bottom line: Be still and you will discover an amazing source of positive energy and an unwavering zeal deep inside of you.

Lesson #3
Just because I think something is true doesn’t make it true.

Thoughts are so powerful. They always seems so real and accurate. Once they get ingrained, they can even become the foundation of our whole belief system. It’s easy to see how what we think can inevitably lead to misunderstandings, arguments and even wars.

Bottom line: Be open to fresh and different perspectives. Don’t believe everything you think!

It’s not that I deliberately choose not to grow from my mistakes. And I’m sure you don’t either. But sometimes we just can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak. Or maybe I should say the ocean for the waves. So don’t feel bad if you haven’t learned these lessons yet.

And don’t think that because I’ve shared these lessons with you that I have everything all figured out myself. Far from it! I’m still a work in progress – just like you. That’s what life is for – gradually evolving into our true self.

My ongoing practice of trying to live with An Island Perspective is teaching me one lesson after another, every day! And I admit it – some of these experiences are lessons I don’t really want to learn.

But for these opportunities, I am eternally grateful!

What valuable lessons have you learned so far in life?


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