Find the tropical tranquility in your heart

Just imagine . . . You open your eyes to a fresh, new day. You feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a great night’s sleep. Totally refreshed and invigorated, you just know deep in your heart and soul that wonderful things are going to happen today. It feels great to be alive! (Birds singing . . .)

Then life starts blowing a few “winds” your way:

  • Your bagel gets stuck in the toaster and burns.
  • Someone cuts in front of you on the way to work.
  • Your spouse gets annoyed that you forgot to pay a bill.
  • The kids decide to be particularly whiney and stubborn.

Before you know it, it turns into another stressful day. Your inner calm and hopeful outlook are slowly drying up like a wet swimsuit on a hot summer day.

And that exhilaration you had earlier . . . gone! You feel discouraged and a bit crabby. An ocean of turbulent waves has you drowning in a sea of frustrations and worries.

Don’t despair. This happens to all of us. What you’re experiencing is called LIFE. And those bumpy waves? They serve an important purpose. They’re helping you learn who you really are – and why you’re here.

And luckily, you don’t have to let external circumstances determine how you feel or allow them to set the tone for how you live your life.

YOU have the ability to inspire and uplift YOURSELF from the inside out. Here’s how to connect to your higher self in 7 simple ways:

#1. Be still.
Close your eyes and just breathe – slowly and deeply.

#2. Make peace.
Accept whatever is happening right now. Let go of your need to control things.

#3. Be grateful.
Focus on what is good and right. Find deep joy in simple things.

#4. Lighten up.
Put things in perspective. Create a positive spin on the world.

#5. Stretch.
Empty your mind and fully relax your body. Let go of all the tension.

#6. Dream.
Imagine your life as you want it to be. Dream big and believe in the best outcome.

#7. Love.
Fill your heart with deep and authentic love for yourself and others.

Whether you’re struggling with the routine grind of your daily life or a major crisis, it helps to reconnect to your heart and soul. Your deeper self has everything you need to feel at peace again – to be truly happy. Remember what they say on the island:  Those turbulent waves are only on the surface. Deep down, the essence of who you are is calm and serene.

Nancy Mills, my friend at Spirited woman, inspires women to “rock their socks, unleash their fantabulous self, and to cerebrate themselves.” Imagine living with that kind of heart and soul every day!

You can!

Let those turbulent waves of life flow right over you. No problem! Because you know how to connect to the depths of yourself – your own personal wellspring of bliss and tranquility – your heart and soul.

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