Enjoy the moment

This week I was tasked with something that at first seemed pretty easy – write the regular weekly blog post. This is something Renee always does, but for the past couple of weeks she’s been very busy with a new project. So, she “suggested” I do it. Now, Renee and I have been together a long time and I know this is the type of suggestion I couldn’t refuse. No problem, I thought, I can find something from the island to explore.

So naturally I waited until the last minute, sat down at the keyboard and thought about what I wanted to write about. That’s when the problems began.

The island is filled with many wondrous things – interesting ideas, people and places. So, it wasn’t particularly hard to find something to discuss. But WHICH idea would the island tribe want to read about this week? What would be the BEST and MOST INSPIRING concepts to share? Hmmm . . . I didn’t count on all this indecision . . .

After a longer-than-expected period of thinking, I latched on to an idea and started to type. And type. And type.

You see, I sometimes have a hard time keeping things short. I like to dig into an idea and explore it from all angles. That’s fine for books, but for a blog post? Too much can be, well, too much.

I trashed the first attempt. Now what?

As I was sitting there feeling the pressure mount as the Wednesday morning post time crept closer and closer, I heard something coming from the stairway landing. It was the familiar sound of our island dog, Rudy, gnawing on his favorite toy.

I took a break and watched him for a while. So content, so happy in the moment. All he cared about was what was happening right now. And right now was good. Dog zen.

I went back up to my office and sat for a while looking out the window. The sun was sparkling off the early-morning dew. The flowers were glowing with brilliant hues of saffron, crimson and violet. Two squirrels were chasing through the trees.

I let go of worrying about the post and just enjoyed the moment. And the moment was good. Maybe I’ll think of what to write about a little later . . .


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