Ever feel like you could use a mental makeover?

I love those makeover shows you see on TV. You know, the ones where they take someone who looks sort of plain and drab and instantly transform them into a real hottie. We ooh and aah over the before and after photos, amazed by what a little makeup and the right outfit can do for a person.

But watching one of these shows recently made me think twice. What happens when those contestants go home, take off the new clothes and wash all the makeup off? Do they still feel good about themselves?

A true beauty makeover starts on the inside. It’s not something that can be painted on, surgically altered or primped up by the latest fashion trend. Built on a foundation of love and truth, an inner makeover only gets better with time.

The people living on the island of Alumanaya seem to radiate an inner beauty that is unmatched by the results of any TV makeover show. How do they get their sparkly radiance? No, their secrets don’t involve magic tricks or rare island potions. They do things that you can do too.

Here are a few of their island “secrets:”

  1. Love and trust yourself. Confidence makes you beautiful. Cherish yourself just as you are. Believe in the amazing power and natural goodness of YOU.
  2. Exercise. The secret to staying fit and feeling exhilarated is being active. Move a lot – not just for your appearance, but because it makes you feel good!
  3. Eat healthy. Fresh, real foods build strength and promote positive energy. Like exercise, eating healthy gives you more vitality and a beautiful glow.
  4. Give. Be nice to yourself and those around you. Go out of your way to be generous in word and deed. Show a commitment to promoting and sustaining the greater good.
  5. Meditate. Schedule quiet stillness into your day. Inhale and exhale deeply for a few minutes. Breathing in, you calm your body. Breathing out, you find tranquility.
  6. Smile. Accept life as it flows with a cheerful and kind spirit. Let go of any negative feelings or the need for things to be a certain way. To help ease stress, laugh a lot!

Rather than fretting and complaining about how you look on the outside, nourish your inner spirit with simple, yet meaningful techniques. Be happy in your own skin by cultivating that beautiful, sweet essence you already have deep inside of you.

While an external makeover can be fun and temporarily uplifting, an internal makeover is much more fulfilling and long lasting. Look in the mirror and appreciate that you are a better, happier and more peaceful version of yourself when you focus from the inside out.

Just like the islanders, you can seize this moment to start giving yourself a special island “makeover.” Stand proud and strong. Let your authentic beauty shimmer and shine from the infinite depths of your soul.


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