Sometimes the blahs can sneak right up on us. For instance, ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed? It’s so warm and cozy under the covers. Or maybe it’s mid-afternoon and you really don’t feel like working. It’s not that you’re unhappy or sad, you just don’t have your usual bounce and energy.

Guess what? You’re normal! Yep, we all suffer from the blahs at times – even when we’re trying to live with An Island Perspective.

But suffering from the blahs can actually be a good thing.

Your authentic self is trying to tell you that you need to take a break from your frenetic life and feed your inner spirit. You’re probably stressed and maybe even overwhelmed. Or you might be feeling stuck and need a little jumpstart.

Luckily, beating those blahs can be easier than you think. The key is to first acknowledge how you’re feeling. It’s okay to feel what you feel. Then try one of these “blah blasters” to revive and rejuvenate yourself:

1.  Celebrate the good stuff.  Looking on the bright side might seem trivial, but shifting your mindset to positive thoughts can have a huge impact on your overall attitude and energy level.

2.  Boost your energy.  Stretch, jog in place, or climb some stairs. Get moving and shake off any tension and stress. Act like a kid  –  run around and play.

3.  Eat a snack. Munch on some whole grain crackers with a dab of peanut butter. Or grab a handful of nuts or other healthy treat. Then drink a big glass of water.

4.  Read a good book. Escape from the real-life chaos for a bit by losing yourself in a fun and absorbing story.

5.  Appreciate something beautiful.  A leaf, a shell, a smile . . . open your eyes and really notice the beauty that’s all around you.

6.  Do something different.  Snap out of your same old routine. Even a tiny, seemingly insignificant change can pull you out of a rut.

7.  Write it down.  Jot down what’s blowing around in your head. Putting your thoughts on paper can give you a fresh new outlook.

8.  Talk with a friend. Brainstorm new ideas and fresh perspectives with someone you trust. Friends can help you manage your negative thoughts and emotions.

9.  Do something nice. Step outside of yourself to help someone else. Nothing extravagant or huge, just a kind gesture from your heart.

10. Pamper yourself. A warm bath, mini-massage or anything that helps you de-stress will increase your serotonin level – that “feel good” hormone.

11. Listen to some upbeat music. Turn up the volume and rock out. Or mellow out and chill with a slow and easy beat.

12. Don’t do anything. Just be with your blahs and wait in calm quietude for them to fade away. Like moods, blahs can ebb and flow.

As they say on the island of Alumanaya, “Sometimes we can’t stop life from upsetting even our soul. But remember, the turbulence is only on the surface.” Like the waves, your blahs are only on the surface. Your inner core is always full of zest and bright, eternal sunlight.

Next time you find yourself with a case of the blahs, pay no mind to that surface-level craziness. Embrace your blahs as a glorious opportunity to re-connect with your beautiful soul. The essence of who you are is still a tranquil island of bliss.

What things do you do to beat the blahs?


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