You can control your stress monster

Life certainly has its ups and downs. Some days it seems the harder I try NOT to get stressed out, the more stressed I get! I’m especially vulnerable when I’m tired, whether mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. That’s when my inner stress monster rears its ugly head and wreaks havoc, taking full advantage of my fragile state of mind.

Don’t feel bad if this happens to you too.

Managing stress is a struggle for everybody. When you consider all the tensions and challenges we face, this comes as no surprise. We’ve got external pressures like work, family and finances. Then there’s the internal pressures of negative thinking and worry. Sometimes even good things can be stressful!

Never fear. You can tame your tenacious stress monster.

Calm the choppy waters of your mind by using your senses to focus on what’s going on right now. Bringing yourself into the present moment is a great way to get a fresh and more upbeat perspective on life.

Here’s what I mean:


  • Visualize a safe, nurturing place – like a relaxing beach scene.
  • Read an inspiring story or watch an exhilarating video.
  • Appreciate the beauty of your hands and all the good they do.
  • Examine the delicate intricacies of a beautiful flower or plant.


  • Immerse yourself in quiet. Shut out any extraneous noise.
  • Cup your hand over your ear and listen to the gentle ocean waves.
  • Laugh out loud – hearty and deep from your belly.
  • Listen to some cheerful and comforting music.


  • Sniff a calming fragrance, like lavender oil or a jasmine candle.
  • Sit outside for a few minutes and breathe in the scent of nature.
  • Spray your favorite room freshener. (I like cinnamon spice.)
  • Burn some sweet-smelling incense.


  • Sip on a soothing cup of chamomile or peppermint tea.
  • Treat yourself to a handful of macadamia nuts.
  • Slowly savor a perfectly ripe and delectable piece of fruit.
  • Get a burst of flavor by adding extra spice to a yummy soup.


  • Massage that area where you’re feeling sore or tense.
  • Snuggle into a soft, cozy blanket or throw.
  • Explore your creative side – bake cookies, paint a picture.
  • Give someone a big, warm, loving hug.

What I love about living with An Island Perspective is that you get to engage all of your senses whenever you visit the island:  Imagine the smell of salty ocean air, watch the palm trees dancing in the balmy breeze, feel the soft squishy sand beneath your feet . . .

See what I mean? You can’t help but relax when you envision peaceful surroundings like that!

Our senses are valuable instruments our body uses to connect with the world. Think of tapping into your senses as a way to be more in tune with your body and what’s going on inside. Use them to your benefit.

Create your own “inner island” sanctuary that you can visit anytime you need a refreshing break. Consciously tickle your senses to revitalize yourself and find calming reassurance that life is good.

Tame that stress monster once and for all. Your senses can help make your world a more relaxing and tranquil place.

What’s your favorite way to tickle your senses and ease stress?


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