Remember to share the light

So here we are in the middle of another holiday season. The airports are busy, the malls are packed and the credit cards are approaching their limits. It’s celebration time!

Here on the island the festivities have been in full swing for the past few weeks. Good times and great memories (along with a few extra pounds) are piling up. It’s a lot of fun getting together with family and friends. Of course, the islanders never need much of a reason to party, but this time of year is always extra special.

But what, exactly, are we celebrating? While we all have our own traditions, it essentially comes down to the same things. We celebrate love. We celebrate hope. We celebrate life.

The islanders call this the light.

They see light in everything and everyone. It’s the twinkle of a distant star and the sparkle in an infant’s eye. It’s the glisten in the morning dew and the warmth of a mother’s smile. It’s the shimmer of the gentle ocean waves and the comfort of a reassuring hug.

In these hectic days, maybe we should pause for a few moments and remember the light. It’s there. In all of us.

And we can increase our inner light. When we acknowledge and accept our infinite capacity for love, hope and life, our light grows. It radiates outward. Others feel it too.

This holiday season, let’s have fun! Let’s celebrate! And . . . let’s make a special effort to share the light.


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