I was rummaging around in a closet the other day and came across an old globe. I used to love looking at this mini-earth and imagine myself traveling to exotic places. I remember tracing a line with my finger across wide-open expanses of blue, mind-sailing to distant tropical islands.

As I paused to take yet another mental trip around the world, I noticed how the waters were labeled. Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean – every patch of blue was called something. I found myself wondering how all these names came to be. Who came up with all these weird words and how was it decided where one “sea” ended and another began? Where was the dividing line? Is there a precise point where Atlantic abruptly switches to Pacific?

Of course not. It’s one continuous body of water. Mixing, swirling and flowing around the earth. The names applied in different areas make no difference to mother ocean. She is always the same, always one, no matter what she is called.

Then I remembered how the island principle of Ocean applies this same idea to people. How the islanders believe that we are all connected, even though we may have our own temporary labels. We all have names, nationalities, cultures, beliefs and countless other ways to differentiate ourselves. But at our essence we are all the same. We are one.

Especially now in this holiday season, maybe we should celebrate this oneness. Let’s try to let the surface waves of our differences calm just a little bit. Let’s look into the vast depths of our common human experience and feel the connection.


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