Okay, here we go again. You’d think after spending so much time on the island that some of the things that Makena and the others say would sink in. But yesterday I found myself drifting in turbulent waves of worry. Do you ever do the same thing?

I think the problem is we sometimes look too closely. Meaning, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment-by-moment of a particular situation. Pretty soon, whatever is going on becomes our whole world and seems like a BIG DEAL.

It’s not.

Just like the surface waves are only a very small part of the ocean, what’s happening right now is only a part of our life, of who we really are. Like the ocean depths, we are calm at our center.

Sometimes it’s really hard remember this. And I know from experience it takes ongoing effort to remember the ideas of the ocean. I’m still practicing, but last night I was finally able to find the calm beneath the waves. I hope you are too.