So what is An Island Perspective? We call it a kind of lifeview – a unique way of looking at things that leads to a greater sense of balance, tranquility and . . . well, perspective.  We can all take An Island Perspective when dealing with a life challenge or whenever we just need a momentary mental vacation. Of course, it also involves a great deal of tropical flavor!

An Island Perspective is based on the mythical island of Alumanaya. A  place where the people have learned to relate parts of their world – the ocean, wind, sand, palm trees and sunlight – to various aspects of life. They practice simple habits that help them live in peaceful, tropical tranquility.

Does this sound appealing? For us, the answer is a definite YES! You see, we’ve always loved the idea of walking along a beautiful sandy beach, the ocean waves flowing around our feet, the palm trees swaying in the breeze, the warm sun filling us with light. What a way to let go of worries and stresses and take time out to relax! The problem is, we can never get to such a place often enough. Not enough money or time. You probably know how it goes.

But a few years ago we discovered something. We found we didn’t have to actually travel anywhere to enjoy the islands. We can experience the serenity of the tropics whenever we want – we can go there in our minds. It’s amazing how powerful our creative imagination can be and what a profound impact it can have on our lives. We just have to practice managing our thoughts a little more effectively. The unique things we’ve found “on the island” help us do just that!

We invite you to come along on our island adventure. Together we’ll explore ways to live an exhilarating, yet peaceful and meaningful life. We’ll discover how we all have the power to find tropical tranquility by living with An Island Perspective!

Steve & Renee