12 Things You Can Do To Beat The Blahs

Lazy Vacation

Sometimes the blahs can sneak right up on us. For instance, ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed? It’s so warm and cozy under the covers. Or maybe it’s mid-afternoon and you really don’t feel like working. It’s not that you’re unhappy or sad, you just […]

3 Secret Ways To Savor and Enjoy a Few Tranquil Moments

You can share the secret!

When was the last time you enjoyed a few tranquil moments of peace and serenity? Usually, our lives keep us on a frenetic pace. It seems like the last thing we have time to do is rest and relax. I know that I sometimes get so busy being busy that I forget what I’m even […]

Let’s Get Naked

Go for it!

Imagine the pure joy of baring it all and running with the wind on a deserted island beach. So freeing! That’s how good it feels to uncover your most authentic self, your inner core. That place inside of you where you are balanced, healthy, happy and strong. Now I’m not advocating that you go out […]

Get Tranquil In 30 Seconds – 3 Steps To Inner Calm

Listen to the depths of your inner calm

I don’t know about you, but my must do list seems overwhelming at times. Do this, do that, get it all done . . . it’s endless! There are times when I could use a quick splash of tranquility, a few precious moments to restore my positive well-being. Earlier in my life I didn’t think […]

How To Quiet Your Mind And Quit Thinking So Much

Take a break to clear your thoughts

Lying wide awake one night, tossing and turning like a corkscrew, I just couldn’t seem to get my mind to shut down. Frustrated with my inability to relax and get back to sleep, I had a sudden epiphany: Thinking is highly over-rated. There are times my thoughts seem to take on a life of their […]